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The caring and devotion shown to a baby are remarkable. Newborn babies undergo an incredible trans­formation in the early phase of their growth, i.e., from newborn to toddler. During this stage, extreme care and pampering are required to en­sure that the proper nutrients are fed on time. Along­side, healthcare and pamper­ing play a crucial role and are proportional to the development responses. Even a minute change concerning nutrition can result in improper health. To facilitate parents in pampering their babies, a dynamic, re­mote monitoring system; this is where exactly Annanta Baby steps in with the unique “smart feeding bottle” solution.

Established in the year 2019, Annanta Baby INC serves its clients with baby care products that offer an optimal solution during the early-born stages. The value proposition offerings from Annanta Baby comprise of a series of smart baby products. The flagship offering, “Smart Feeding Bottle” is the significant research and development of the organization that simplifies humankind, especially parents, to monitor the baby's overall growth.

As the name signifies, the Smart Feeding Bottle is designed using state-of-art sensor modules and cutting edge proprietary algorithms that reflect motherly care. This bottle is specifically engineered, keeping in mind the assorted needs of an infant. The smart scheduling feature of the bottle ascertains the right food at the right time. The idiosyncratic integrated circuit with a dynamic oral feeding scale and pressure sensor quantifies the real-time milk level and total storage time and evaluates milk quality. The data captured from the smart feeding bottle is processed and classified using the customized smart feeding bottle mobile application. With the simple one-click and optimal app, the user can easily connect with the bottle anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, the AI-driven algorithm with the standard poop analysis library, and medical tracker, empowers parents to predict the health behaviour of the baby.

The other significant feature of the Smart Feeding Bottle is the bubble separator. This novel design and the strategy minimize the occurrence of air packets during feeding. The thin line a gap between parents and caregivers during baby care can be decreased with the help of live data recordings. Smart technology ensures that the newborn receives holistic care even during the absence of parents. Apart from babies, the application also serves parents with yoga and meditation sessions, which assures fit conditions even after pregnancy.

Though the smart feeding bottle is developed using an intuitive-based approach, the results are efficient and help parents understand the baby's annoyances. It converts the baby cues to a digital voice.

The prototype of an intelligent feeding bottle is developed and looking forward to large scale manufacturing. The company is also searching for potential investors interested in partnering with our company and joining the primary team that continually delivers our value-added solutions and services. Being the recent entrant to the market with the intelligent bottle and healthcare products, the road that lies ahead is found to be cumbersome. But the strategies and backed with an all-in-one technological frame, the product can attract most of the customers. Also, with an increased number of working parents, the smart feeding bottle from Annanta Baby plays a key role in monitoring the baby round the clock. The organization is further envisioned to witness a gradual increase in profit from 2021, year-on-year, with a 5 per cent anticipated growth rate. A part of the revenue is invested in research and development, which upsurge quality, customer satisfaction, sales, and performance metrics.

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