The basic understanding of IoT that we all have is to “connect the unconnected,” i.e.objects that are not connected to the computer network (Internet) get connected to the internet so that they can interact with people and other objects. IoT is an umbrella of numerous concepts, protocols, and technologies that aims to bring tighter integration between the physical world and computers.

IoT nowadays is responsible for a fully connected transportation infrastructure. We all might have come across a term called ‘connected roadways’ but all thanks to IoT & Annanta wherein ‘connected traffic’ is soon going to be a familiar term for us.

Because we care for lives running on the road every day!

By developing the integrated system of Smart Card, we at Annanta aims to overcome the following challenges in daily traffic scenario:-

  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Abiding of traffic rules
  • Immediate care in jeopardy
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Smart Card - A smarter way of managing traffic

Annanta’s Smart Card project showcases a well-defined example of IoT wherein the card possessed by a driver carries his personal information, health details, driving license, vehicle insurance details, emergency contacts, etc. In case the driver violates any traffic rule or meets with an accident, it comes under traffic cop’s notice with the help of a ‘Smart Reader’. For the elaborative detail, click on “Learn more” below.