The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills along with adapting outcomes is called Intelligence and when we humans expect it from machines is called Artificial Intelligence! Well, machines are not just intelligent but are capable of learning too! Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence wherein by the method of applying an algorithm, the machine is capable of learning from data to make predictions or decisions.

Today, in the healthcare industry AI devices are designed such that they analyze the relationship between prevention techniques and patient outcomes along with maintaining the sensitivity to escape data leakage.

We at Annanta revolutionize healthcare making machines more available & intelligent!

Seeing the world facing a lot due to pandemic scenarios, we at Annanta have acknowledged major lacunae that has been existing in medical services and pledged to fill the following loopholes in the industry:-

  • Complex Front Desk Management
  • Lack of Digital Tools & Technology
  • Enhancing patient care
  • High cost of health care
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aiSushila - Everywhere & for All!

aiSushila is a ML form of AI system. This kiosk facilitates all significant primary health care tests for a patient. This facility majorly escapes a needy patient to stand in a long queue. Also, the kiosk interacts with the patient in the form of questionnaire and his body vitals. Be it mall, hospitals or any public place, you will find aiSushila at your service almost everywhere.