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Technological upgradations have changed the perspectives of numerous business spaces. In the medical sector, how physicians conduct the treatments and patient responses to the medication derives the effectiveness of overall care. For average people, the treatment can be easily achieved through the doctor-patient mutual interaction. In the case of babies, it is difficult to understand the cues and suffering of a baby. Especially the first two baby born years are known to be the growth stage; excellent care should be provided for the well-being and proper maturity. The insufficient knowledge about baby care from parents and lack of understanding about medical conditions at that instant can lead to the aftermath. Furthermore, with the proliferation of technologies, there is a requirement of tools and personalized software solutions that empower users to ascertain comprehensive baby monitoring features and healthcare attributes.

Annanta Baby smart diaper product is predominantly inspired by the existing and required needs of baby care. The other user case test scenario of this project is the need for working parents to know about the baby conditions weekly or emergencies. To achieve this task, Annanta baby realized the importance of smart monitoring devices and volume of attributes from stool of the baby. A two layer cotton smart diapers and portable mobile application are implemented to enable seamless connectivity between the parent and baby. The study from the analytics shows that the data captured twice a week through smart diaper helps to monitor the newborn's realistic growth conditions.

The state-of-art hardware components of smart diapers comprise the smart sensory unit, bi-layer cotton diaper material, organic PCB, and portable EKG sensor modules. The smart sensory unit encompasses proprietary technologies from Annanta Source, which facilitate in achieving accurate baby data. The stool of the baby is recognized to provide multiple solutions regarding baby care. The extraction of significant medical vitals determines the current and projected healthcare graph. Realizing this concept, the smart sensor is designed to automatically capture the vitals and forward the information through a secured cloud-enabled database. These data is processed for noise removal, subjected to various feature extraction algorithms, and compared with a standard medical dataset to yield results. The Bi-layer cotton material is hygienic, soft, and permits better aeration to soothe the baby. Organic PCB eradicates the influence of electrochemical reactions in the diaper, thus enabling effective data transfer between the centralized diaper information unit and the source application. EKG sensors record the heart's variations, convert to an electrical signal, decode the hidden patterns, and output in a simple human-readable format.

“An early stage of baby growth is a crucial factor and requires 360-degree monitoring to ensure the best baby growth.” Says Dev Kumar, CEO, Annanta Baby. The proprietary poop library with smart analytical functions empowers parents with live baby health monitoring features. The users have to upload the baby poop image through a mobile camera, and the analytics process yields baby care results. The discovery of Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) from the firm further adds an advantage of gaining in-depth knowledge about the baby conditions and predicting the best suitable baby solutions. The baby stool images are broken down into various attributes, and integrated IVA technology recognizes the activity of interest taking place within the field of view of an image, filters noise such as lighting changes and other movements, and processed analytic results compared with the standard baby repository.

The significant benefits of smart diapers include simplifying and bestowing the best portable baby care diaper and mobile application for parents. The parents can know the medical conditions of the baby at their fingertips. In scenarios where the baby is crying due to some minor health variations, parents or caregivers can connect the AI Ai Sushila smart sensor module and monitor the conditions. It is also a handy tool in the hour of need. The cost is minimal compared to other baby medical care procedures; eradicate the wait and traveling time, and ascertains supreme baby care.

In a nutshell, the smart diaper from AI Ai Sushila is the best-fit solution for new parents expecting a baby. Especially in these uncertain environmental conditions, concentrating on baby health is a tedious occupation. This diaper solution is a go-to and comprehensive solution for all your baby needs. Moreover, with the proliferation of technologies, it is a baby step for changing the perspectives. In the future, Annanta Source is looking forward to expanding its wings and digitizing the overall baby care health sector. The company is also looking forward to coagulating with other firms and technological pioneers, and reaching the end clients with better services across the world.

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