Well, assuming robots to be teachers to students in school is a more prosaic idea of AI(artificial intelligence) entering the education sector. There is a multitude of questions that can arise when it comes to the application of AI in the education sector such as how AI can exactly work in classrooms and what can be achieved, how students’ privacy is maintained with AI acquiring so many students' data.

The field of AI in education is both derivative & innovative. Instead of using AI majorly to support university administrative functions, like class timetabling, staff scheduling, etc, it is majorly to focus on the use of AI as learning support to students.

Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS)

This system is one of the applications of AI in education that draws subject expertise depending on the misconceptions of a student regarding a concept. As a student proceeds, the system adjusts the level of difficulty and provides hints & guidance to ensure that the student is able to learn the given topic effectively. The ITS has got below three categories into it:

  • The Domain Model
  • The Pedagogy Model
  • The Learner Model

What is easy to measure is also easy to automate!

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AIED (AI in education)

AI in education includes everything from the analysis of student writing to student-support chatbots, AI facilitated student/tutor matching that gives students control over their own learning. It also includes students performing interaction one-to-one with computers, students using mobile phones outside the classrooms.

We at Annanta are extending our hands for AIED too!