Well, needless to say, data science and machine learning are bringing excellence to the automotive industry these days. This is due to the industry’s maturity and wide reach that a large number of data can be rebuilt around that and hence this opens up scope for more technological enhancement in the industry.

Also, the data science and machine learning industry are not just about self-driving cars, today everything from research to design manufacturing to marketing processes can be taken care of by these industries. It becomes easy to track resolved & outstanding product faults using analytics.

What does the automotive industry look like developing?

ESC (Electronic Stability Vehicle) is an automated system that proved to be a boon to take over the driving in case of the algorithm figures out that the human at the wheel is not an expert enough to drive safely. Hence, transforming the data analyzed into the reasoning for solutions gives scope in the following areas of prospective development in the automotive industry:

  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Cost Control
  • Driving Value
  • Analyzing Market Potential

ESC is a new vogue of smartness!

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Automotive data mining means outperforming on sales!

The process of automotive data mining includes the process of analyzing the data in a way that predicts consumers who are more likely to buy. This process includes analyzing potential customers’ social media posts, lifestyle, money, driving habits, credit reports, etc.