CSR is just not a liability but a reciprocation of society’s love

We at Annanta believe that society runs by reciprocation of love & care for each other. We may name it CSR for a corporate society but we ensure that we ensure that we fulfill this responsibility with all dedication, love, and care.

We believe that our idea of genuine support and love towards society are reciprocated to us in the form of good blessings!

AdoptFarmers Inc.

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It is an initiative to alleviate Indian farmers’ painful sustenance. This includes problems like over-dependence on traditional crops, high-interest rates on loans for farming, lack of modern technology, insufficient water supply, etc.

How do you adopt our farmers?

Our field researchers approach needy farmers by visiting various villages. With satisfactory interactions with them, farmers are screened and given a space on the ‘Adopt Farmers’ website. The shortlisted farmers can then be adopted by our generous donors and support them financially. Every donor is certified with a token of appreciation and remembrance. Also, donors are provided an exemption on the tax with their names listed on the farmers’ sites.

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