Speaking of the basics, product development is a process to create a product for commercial purposes with a combination of existing & new technology. Needless to say that the Fourth Industrial Revolution has manifested the product development process in a new version altogether that includes vitals like digital manufacturing, virtual modeling, embedded computing, artificial intelligence, and so on.

List of IoT product development services

  • Design and engineering
  • Hardware and firmware development
  • Prototyping
  • Manufacturing Support

Some of the components required to develop an IoT product are Physical devices, data extraction, and sensors.

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Our standard process for Product Development

As per veterans in the field of product development, the end-to-end procedure for the completion should be set as a standard. Therefore, based on that we at Annanta believe to create our procedures around such veteran knowledge.

  • Laying the foundation - This includes gathering information, analyzing current practices and benchmarking with good practices, and attempting to understand hurdles in the execution.
  • Focus to gain initial commitment - Selling the idea of product development to senior management, keeping a note of management’s concern, detailing of activities per stage, creating an implementation plan, and finally obtaining a budget to implement the process.
  • Impactful change - This includes training management, ensuring to develop tools to support the process.
  • Bringing transition - Seeking continual feedback, analyzing it, and taking appropriate action on it along with improving tools.
  • Monitor & improve - This final process includes seeking improvements in tools & product development activities and refreshing the process whenever needed.

After all evolution is a key to progress!