Since its inception, our industries have been the backbone for the evolution of our global society.

It is rare that people who share the same vision also cross paths. But fortunately, that is a story we proudly tell at AnnantaSource. A company built on a common passion for innovation and technology by a team that is driven to deliver.

Uniquely positioned to create value through development, integration, and implementation across verticals like Retail, Healthcare, Education, amongst others, Annanta Source is designed to outperform through flexible, yet robust solutions.

Landing on Annanta, we believe that you would know new version of innovation & evolution in industries. Needless to say, advancement in AI/ML technologies is empowering industries of all levels and all types.


Now not just private sectors but government too is playing its own vital role in making their states smarter than ever and citizens tech-savvy than ever.

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We power through to improve the vitals around healthcare.

We strive to modernise healthcare systems to decrease the workload of healthcare workers and improve the end result through cutting-edge solutions that also drastically reduces the reportage time. This becomes even more essential in critical cases, therefore benefiting one and all.

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We are wired to make virtual learning as easy as pen to paper.

Our systems are built to not only provide educational entities with solutions to run their businesses, but also create a robust ecosystem that seamlessly integrates the processes. We do this by identifying new strategies based on the evolving scenario, and then ensuring that we create optimum infrastructure around it to support the system.

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We are geared to serve the next-level retail experience.

With superior front-end designs that create a unique digital experience and a back-end functionality to match, we are all about building rich, out-of-the-box features with third party integration that addresses the unique needs of your e-commerce platform to run seamlessly.

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We back travel and tourism with technology to sail through.

We have technological solutions designed to help businesses dealing with flights, hotels or car rentals, and even fully integrated travel portals. Our services not only ease the navigation and booking process, but also helps handle the back-end of your business more effectively.

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From the invention of airbags to Google self-driving cars, the automotive sector has been unstoppable to hop on to the next level of technological advancement.

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Though the manual labor in this industry has been decreasing due to the introduction of automated machines and drones but definitely, it has created a plethora for more innovation and time-saving operations for years to come.

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