We build software that evolves healthcare amidst the pandemic, revolutionize education, give you happy customers, democratize government to give contended citizens.

We manifest your expectations into SOFTWARES!

You are at a stop where Quality & Evaluation of software are given high importance.

  • Software Design - Reviews are performed to determine the quality of design artifacts & evaluate security by Annanta’s veteran team.
  • Static Analysis - Formal or semiformal static (nonexecutable) analysis is used to evaluate a design. Also, Design vulnerability analysis is performed where security is a concern.
  • Simulation & Prototyping - Dynamic techniques like performance simulation or feasibility prototypes are used to evaluate a design.

We take care of everything, we take care of UI too!

We understand that User Interface is an essential part of software design process. We believe that for software to excel in its performance, the UI should be designed in such a way that it matches the skills, experience and expectations of its prospective users.

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We believe to ensure all for you for a great UI design!

Learnability, User familiarity, Consistency, Minimal Surprise, Recoverability, User guidance, User diversity