Nowadays, IT & Data Science are omnipresent in all sectors of our global society. Healthcare since the times of pandemic has become a sector wherein high scale of IT and data science interference is required so as to make the industry always available in case of any scale of natural or man-made emergencies.

Electronic health record (EHR) & IT systems are making their space in healthcare organizations wherein physicians need to ensure patients’ engagement by presenting care plan information, explanation and results on the elementary level so that patients know the whereabouts of their health since the beginning. Also, these days patient portals are becoming the best place to share goals, action items, reminders, etc. This gives patients single access points and let them decide where they need to share this data when it comes to consulting other physicians.

Preferable tools to improve engagement between patients & physicians

  • Patient info portals
  • Online scheduling
  • Social media
  • Patient education

Healthcare-IT is a new normal now!

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aiSushila - Everywhere & for All!

aiSushila is one of its kind of EHR kiosk that facilitates all major primary health care tests for a patient. This facility majorly escapes a needy patient to stand in a long queue. Also, the kiosk interacts with the patient in the form of a questionnaire and his body vitals. Be it malls, hospitals, or any public place; you will find aiSushila at your service almost everywhere. To know more about its functioning, click on the tab below:-