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Healthcare Application Development

Annanta Source, LLC is one of the top solution-centric healthcare software development companies that provide connected healthcare solutions. There is a demand for healthcare applications in every nook and corner of the world. These applications need to be constantly connected with each other.

Team Annanta Source has the objective of offering affordable and efficient healthcare solutions. Mobility is on the rise. The tech savvy users in today’s world always want to access information and keep it at their fingertips – anytime and anywhere. As per Statistics the global mobile mhealth market is estimated to rise to $ 58.8 billion in 2020. The dexterous team of coders at, Team Annanta Source have knowledge on mobility as well as HIPAA and FDA regulations. The critical factors considered by them are on time delivery, cost-effectiveness and ease of use for developing healthcare solutions. Moreover, they are equipped to develop medical compliant solutions- without any operational hazards, incurring minimum administration costs.

HIPAA Compliant Apps

The healthcare software development companies that deal with protected health information(PHI) must follow the standards of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA). The HIPPA and FDA compliant apps from Team Annanta Source, LLC will enable easy and quick transfer of records.


Remote Healthcare

The patients must have a link with healthcare providers. This is to keep the healthcare providers, clinicians and nurses to be updated on the patient health. This is enabled through the medical instruments and the remote monitoring apps from Team Annanta Source.


mHealth Applications

Most of the patients in today’s world would like to seek for medical services or support, right from the comfort of their location. The mHealth applications from Team Annanta Source are suitable for them because they can save their precious time.


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Healthcare Development Process.


The analyst team at Team Annanta Source will go through the project details submitted by the clients and allocate the right resource for the project.



The experts must come out with the best possible solution for the client.



The client has to choose between the options on engagement models – fixed-cost or hourly engagement models.


24 x 7 Support

We provide round-the-clock, high-quality support to our clients by contacting the physicians and patients.

Push Notifications

The healthcare applications developed by Team Annanta Source assist the physicians by sending alerts through the push notifications.

Cost Reduction

We develop healthcare apps with simplified processes and lesser paperwork that help to reduce the cost.

Scheduling Appointments

Our experienced developers create healthcare applications with virtual interfaces for easy scheduling of appointments with the patients.

Real-time Interaction with Patients

The healthcare applications developed by us provide the real-time interactions with the patients in the form of information on medication, precautions taken and the discharge information.

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